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Welcome to Weekly Whisper #131.

Error 429

We’ve entered the ‘silly season’.

At this time of year (and some would argue all year round) we often find ourselves caught in the relentless rhythm of Error 429—too many requests, too much data.

I’m not a techie so only found out recently that in computer code Error 429 is a server response when there have been too many requests for a particular web page or site. How I read and interpreted it – we’re full.

Consider the over-whelmed worker caught in the crossfire of never-ending emails, meetings, requests and project deadlines. The incessant demands on their time and attention become akin to a flood of requests bombarding a server. Just as a server may struggle to process an overflow of data, the overwhelmed worker finds themselves grappling with an overflow of tasks, each vying for their immediate attention.

Everything appears like it needs to be completed before everyone heads off on a holiday break – and if it isn’t we can pick it up in February!

I’ve also experienced on a personal level, the social invitations and obligations we encounter can also mirror the 429 error. Imagine attending numerous events, parties, and gatherings in quick succession. It's akin to our social "server" being inundated with connection requests. The result? We may find ourselves emotionally and physically drained, unable to respond adequately to the relational requests flooding our personal space.

And all at a time when most of us are tyring to find time to connect with family.

A recent study by Accenture suggests up to 41% of frequent tech users say that technology has complicated their lives just as much as it has simplified it. Click here to read more.

As the study suggests, the human request limit has been reached.

If only it were as simply as 1,2,3.

1. Accept your limit has been reached

2. Remind yourself of what’s most important to you

3. Declutter and practice FOMO – the FREEDOM of MISSING OUT

Simple, but not easy.

Quote of the week:
Silence isn’t empty. It’s full of answers - Anonymous

And an answer that might come to you in silence is the idea that we have two lives and the second one begins when we realise we only have one. What will you do with it?

Question of the week:
Are you filled or fooled?

Is your attention filled with stuff that repairs, nurtures, enhances and inspires you?

Or are you fooled into thinking that the stuff your attention is filled with will somehow magically repair, nurture, enhance and inspire you post the initial boost?

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Enjoy the rest of the conversation.

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