high performance hurt people hurt people Jan 31, 2021

Welcome to Weekly Whispers #1

I'm deeply committed to serving this community even more through 2021, so I'm going to try something a little different this year and I'd love you to be involved.

I'm an insatiable learning monster who geeks out on constantly learning new stuff from anywhere. I've got dozens of journals,1000's of notes pages and it keeps growing!

I'm committing to share these whispers with you on a weekly basis and I've kept it simple - Weekly Whispers.

It's up to you whether you pick up the whisper and explore it for yourself. Maybe you'll digest the whisper and find a way to embrace it somewhere within your life. Alternatively, you might consider the whisper and ignore it, reject it or park it for another time. You might hear a completely different whisper :)

The Weekly Whisper might be long, short, an article, a video, a podcast or something I've been thinking about throughout the week. They are free for you to pick and choose and dip in and out when you so desire or remember.

So here's a couple of things I've been struck by this week:

1. High Performance Podcast with Jonny Wilkinson 

Apple podcast, Spotify and Video

I was made aware of this a while ago and thought I'd check it out for 10 mins. I watched the whole thing. This weekend I listened to it again with my wife on a long car journey and enjoyed it even more on second listen. Like I did there will be many of you who know Jonny for one thing and I was blown away by some of the insights contained in the interview. As further endorsement my wife who doesn't really listen to podcasts was blown away too. The next time I listen with my journal in hand.

2. Hurt people hurt people

My daughter was sharing with me recently that she's noticed a trend when putting someone down or in responding to criticism that people say "Who hurt you?". The intention is to defend oneself but it whispered to me as a compassionate question. Even if it's partially true that people who have been hurt by someone else take the baton and knowingly or unknowingly pass it on then pausing to consider "who/what might have hurt them?" might allow you to see it from their perspective...even momentarily.

 3. Overcoming doubt

This whisper has been partially responsible for the Weekly Whisper series. I was exhausted leading into Christmas and enjoyed some downtime over January. I was feeling very out of the habit of sharing my views online but found this question helped me... "Who else needs this?". So I overcame the doubt - which was internal - and went outside myself to consider who else might benefit from what I learn and discover on a regular basis? It helped me quieten the inner critic, put myself aside and got me going again. So, next time you're feeling doubtful, go outside yourself to find the strength inside and ask "Who else would benefit from this?".

4. My favourite question of the week

Adapted from the book The One Thing the question that has helped my focus for 2021 is this..."What's the one thing, that if I did it on a consistent and better-than-yesterday basis, that would make everything else easier or even irrelevant?". It's helped me regain and retain focus when I get distracted. What's the one thing Pete, I hear you asking :) Well, by the end of 2021 I'll have my first book published and you'll be the first group to be offered a preview 😃.

That's all for this week and I hope you enjoyed Weekly Whisper #1 - let me know if you did.

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