Inspiring exceptional performance in the life of your business


Life whispers to us

When we’re ready, we hear it as a shout

Once we hear the shout we’re compelled to act

21 Whispers is dedicated to turning whispers into shouts, thereby,
inspiring exceptional performance in the life of your business.

- Inspiring -
Because progress is dynamic and rarely happens in a straight line. The feeling of inspiration is within us and it’s time now to ignite it.

 - Exceptional -
Because success leaves clues. I’ve studied it, failed at it, studied it again, succeeded at it and failed yet again. Our ability to bridge the potential gap and reach for exceptional is available to everyone. 

- Performance -
As defined by what’s important for you and your business. What results do you want that will contribute across the 3 P’s – people, profit and planet.

- In the life of your business -
Because your business serves someone else’s life. The leaders I’ve known, coached and learnt from, all come to life when they talk about how their business serves their customers.


When the student is ready the teacher will appear is one of my favourite quotes. Numerous teachers have appeared over the years, but it’s taken me a while to be ready.

I was 10 when I lost my father in a tragic car accident - the worst thing that's ever happened to me.

I was supposed to be with him at the time but mum wouldn’t let me go - the best thing that's ever happened to me.

It's only years later that I'm able to reconcile the worst thing and the best thing in the same sentence.

I had to find a way to bounce back and recover from the worst thing that's ever happened to me and on many occasions I struggled.

Only in hindsight have I been able to understand how that struggle has actually helped me bounce forward.

My first whisper was a book I received called Jonathan Livingstone Seagull – a personal development classic and something I continue to refer to today.

The whisper I heard when I was ready? It inspired me to see beyond myself, to imagine a better me that I couldn’t quite articulate at the time.

Since then I've made it my life's purpose to explore everything to do with human performance and potential.

I do my best to live my purpose alongside my wife, 3 kids and 2 dogs. They’ve been exposed to many trials and errors over the years. I hope they forgive me 😊

A quote that has stopped me in my tracks is a definition of hell – on your last day of life the person you became meets the person you could have become.

Now is the time to become who you could be.

Don’t wait.

Back yourself now.


I’ve made it my life’s purpose to explore everything to do with human performance and potential in order to help others become the best person they can be.

That’s what I’ll do for you. If you’re up for it?

We’ll turn your whispers into shouts and a part of what we’ll do together will stay with you for life.

I’ll work relentlessly to deliver the results you are looking for by exposing your potential gap, providing tools and strategies to close the gap and do whatever it takes to support you taking those steps. I’m comfortable walking alongside, behind or ahead of you.

I’m more interested in your progress than your comfort. Client feedback is that my style is engaging and interactive; pragmatic yet stretching; empowering but edgy.

I specialise in mindset and leadership alignment facilitation - virtual or face to face. I believe the best results come from the synergy between science and art. We’ll work with the methods I’ve become familiar with, that are backed by science. I’m also willing to experiment and explore different options depending on your desire and willingness.

I've engaged with C suite executives and leadership teams for over 20 years and bring all of that experience to the meeting or virtual table.

I’m accredited in numerous assessment and benchmarking tools - Mental Toughness Master Practitioner, an LSI/GSI Online Accredited Facilitator, Master Facilitator of Extraordinary Leader & Extraordinary Performer and a Tetramap Behavioural Preferences Facilitator.

A word of warning – if you’re comfortable being who you are, I get it and respect that. If you’re scared too, I understand that all too well. If there’s something burning inside of you that’s whispering ‘there’s more’ – success, results, potential, opportunity, depth, love, connection, time, relationships – then take the next step and get in touch.