With Special Guest MICHAEL TIPPER
Personal Productivity & Leadership Expert

As part of this POWER PRODUCTIVITY MASTERCLASS you'll discover why you put things off 🙈, why you're easily distracted 🤔 and what you can do about it to get more of the important things done without working any harder or longer ⏳. It's quite possible you'll laugh a little too 😂.


Michael Tipper

Michael Tipper is a celebrated personal productivity expert who has helped thousands of professionals get much more done in their day.

An international award winning speaker and author of 7 books, Michael regularly appears on TV, radio and online sharing his expertise.

He is the host of the Profit Productivity Podcast, a record of his own inspiring journey of productivity improvement.

Pete Clark
21 Whispers

Uncertain times require certain minds. As the world changes and adjusts to our new normal our mindset will be the difference that makes the difference.

21 Whispers was born to build that very capability. I believe life whispers to us, and occasionally – it shouts. When it shouts, we tend to do something about it.

Pete has engaged with C suite executives and leadership teams for over 20 years and brings all of that experience to the virtual table.

Pete will deliver the results you are looking for by exposing your potential gap, and providing tools and strategies to close the gap in order to maximise your performance. Pete's comfortable walking alongside, behind or ahead of you.

Pete is more interested in your progress than your comfort. Client feedback is that his style is engaging and interactive; pragmatic yet stretching; empowering but edgy.

Previously, Pete was a Partner with full-service training organisation rogenSi for 17 years leading the leadership & mindset practice within the APAC region.

21 Whispers specialises in virtual facilitation & coaching using mindset and behavioural methodologies to bridge the performance potential gap – wherever you happen to be working from.

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